Wednesday, 13 May 2009

I have been making sleeves for every cassette tape that entered or left my place for as long as I can remember. As a comic letterer it was pretty easy for me to write down all the names and titles on the tiny format of a cassette label, and I enjoyed doing this. When cassettes changed into CDr’s I enjoyed making sleeves for every incoming and outgoing disc even more, because a CD-sleeve has more space.
I have no idea how many sleeves I have made. At least a thousand, I guess. Not all are equally inspired; sometimes I do this when I am too tired to do anything else. Sometimes I do it in a train. But when I look at all the designs that I still have (much has disappeared, of course) it is quite a collection. Today I made these six:

A few years ago a publisher showed interest in making a book with a selection of some of my designs and art work. I made some dummies for the book, but somehow it didn’t work: I couldn’t blend the material into a coherent book. And it was way too much for a book anyway.
For an unknown artist, whose work is rarely published anywhere, a book with an oversight of your production is a rather strange project. I kind of liked the idea, but I am not sad it didn’t work out.
The working title was “Art Mix”, which is an anagram of “Matrix”, my favourite movie. I had a cover in mind with a parody on the green codes that are used in the movie.
Here are some of the pages with some of the sleeves:

The rest will be in the book, one day, in a parallel universe.



2009-05-13 10:07:58

Hey, dit is een leuke post. Hier ga ik e.e.a. van lenen voor eigen compilaties, oké?


2009-05-13 11:28:29

Als je de titels mailt, maak ik graag iets nieuws voor je.