Monday, 25 May 2009

I just read that there are only 32 issues of Sonorama published. As you probably know Sonorama was a magazine that included 6 to 8 milky white flexi records with interviews, soundcapes and songs. Mainly French material, but hey, they had Brigitte Bardot and Johnny Halliday in those years (1958-1962).

I never tried to collect these Sonorama recordzines, but I do keep all the ones I find, of course.
The concept has been used in other countries, and even for other publications in French. When I just read a few issues I noticed a growing discern for the issues lacking in my collection. This is interesting stuff!

Here is how the French celebrated their first atom bomb explosion:

Unfortunately the records in this issue are missing. But here is a story about listening to the universe:



Luuk Vries

2022-03-04 17:41:25

Hi, I have the complete set of these sonorama stuff. Not 32, but 42 issues, between end of 1958 till medio 1062. Not only complete, but in mint condition. 2 extra issues (double) so to try the records.. Soon offered at catawiki.