Droomkastelen revisited

Saturday, 9 May 2009

A while ago I made some drawings of what I called Droomkastelen . Although I loved doing that, I stopped after a while, because I see no use in producing more of the same. But, as many project, the inspiration later returns in a slightly different form. In this case I was not very enthusiast at first, because the semi-abstract buildings were easy to make, and somehow in things that come easy are difficult to judge. But I liked doing it so much up, that I spend a few evenings making more of these eh, things:

I imagine that they should be made much larger than they are now, in colour, and in relief. But so far all I have is a lot of these black&white postcard sized eh, things:



2011-04-01 12:06:34

afgelopen nacht de prachtigste luchtkastelen gezien in mijn droom, daardoor al surfend hier terecht gekomen en gefascineerd geraakt, hier even vertoeft. ik heb genoten van je droomkastelen.


2011-04-01 14:49:25

Kan ik ergens tekeningen van jouw droomkastelen zien, Idia?