Philips Technisch Tijdschrift

Friday, 8 May 2009

Before you read any further, please listen to this:

Dirk Koorn delivered another plastic bag with vinyl! Most of the records (all 45’s) were left overs of a collection of a Surinam deejay. Many Kaseko records (which I am not very fond of), some late eighties soul and disco (which I am also not very fond of), but also a handful of exotic soul singles that I had never heard yet. It was a rather dirty pile, and the sleeves had water damage, but some of the records sound surprisingly good. Well, that is if you use my standards for sound quality; for people who are used listening to CD’s, scratchy records like these are probably not easy to enjoy. But this is music that is not available on CD; unless you and I collect this stuff, it will be lost forever. And that is a pity, because it is interesting and sometimes even good music. But more about the exotic soul records later, when I have all cleaned them and listened to them.
What you just heard is the sound of the Pascal computer calculating prime numbers. It is from a 45 that accompanied issue 4/5 of the Philips Technisch Tijdschrift from 1962. This 45 came without a sleeve, but Dirk found another record from this series that did have a sleeve:

Henk Badings was one of the Dutch pioneers in electronic music. The music that he and his colleagues made, is now slowly becoming available on CD; that is about time, because the records are very hard to find. On one side of the record are only sounds; no composition, only a collection of electronic sounds that Henk Badings used for his compositions. With this sound collection everybody can now be a retro-pioneer in this fascinating field! And of course, if anybody comes up with a composition made with these sounds, I will gladly put it up on this blog!




2009-05-08 10:28:16

aha… ;-)


2009-05-08 12:08:04

Kan die Dirk hier niet eens een tas vinyl achterlaten?

bas trimbach

2009-05-09 08:16:12

Geweldig! Ik wist al wel dat er in Eindhoven geschiedenis is geschreven op het gebied van de electronische muziek, maar na het zien van de documentaire ‘Kamer 306’ ben ik hier pas echt in geïnteresseerd geraakt. Ik fiets bijna dagelijks langs het NatLab waar dit zich allemaal heeft afgespeeld en ik voel een beetje trots. En nu dit dus ook nog! Ik ga proberen er iets van te maken!