Jack's tapes (part 4) 1

Saturday, 16 May 2009

These are the tapes in the boxes from Jack Keuss that he has compiled himself:

Most of them he had already send me, but now I have a complete collection. Well, one never knows that, of course.
Jack used only CrO2 cassettes. In all the boxes I only found a handful of real old and cheap tapes, of which I kept the labels:

I reduced the contenet of the four boxes to about half a box. I listen to the left over tapes every now and then, and record whatever I find interesting enough on my hard disc. But it is not much. Much of the music on the tapes is either not my taste or I already have it. If the tapes were not from Jack I would never have spent so much time on them.
Since these boxes entered our home a lot of other stuff entered our home too. I have no idea how much paper and audio material I have found, bought or received as a gift this year, but it seems that it is already far more than any other year before. I don’t like it when there are boxes all over the place, but I have no idea how to empty the floor at this moment. It is ridiculous!
Among the tapes that I want to given at least a listen, are some with Beatles related material. Like a tape with Yoko Ono songs. Here is one that seems the perfect soundtrack for my life at this moment.