Meneer jan

Sunday, 17 May 2009

The CD by Meneer Jan is released on WM recordings, which is an initiative of Marco Kalnenek. Recently the site has been restyled. I get about twentyfive mails every week about new releases by WM Recordings. Some are free, others have to be bought at I-Tunes or other download stores. But I am old fashioned: I have never bought a downloadable CD yet. I like to have a physical object! Even buying online is still alien to me. So much of what is going on at WM escapes me. I did listen to songs of most of the free CD’s and downloaded a few. I wouldn’t mind if Marco made a weekly podcast about the music that WM releases, so that listeners like me, who don’t know anything about this scene, are explained what it is all about. It is not that I am not interested, I just cannot find the time and the energy to sort it all out. I love sorting out a box of old cassette tapes, but I don’t like to sit behind a computer screen. Writing a daily blog is for me the limit. I even have a hard time reading my e-mails.
I am not going to let you listen to a song from the Meneer Jan CD.

You can buy it here and download the title song for free, if you want
A few days ago I wrote a story about an Henk Badings record, that was released by Philips Technisch Tijdschrift. I said that everybody could now be a retro pioneer of electronic music with the sounds that Henk Badings made for the record. This was not meant serious, but Jan made
this tune the next day:

Jan, you’re nuts!



2009-05-17 05:24:26

I know!


2009-05-17 09:31:39

A little correction: the WM Recordings site has not been restyled. It’s that has gotten a fresh new look. Check it out at

bas trimbach

2009-05-18 16:02:30

Ik heb zelf ook een paar uur zitten knippen en plakken maar werd er knettergek van en heb de uitvoering van de opdracht als totaal mislukt beschouwd!


2009-05-19 02:42:23

Very beautiful!


2009-05-19 03:14:43

Bas, ook ìk werd er knettergek van. Ik krijg nog steeds een heel onbehaaglijk gevoel als ik mijn resultaat terugluister.